Sometimes I'd Prefer To Be Ignorant


Today my 17 year old daughter was joking around and mentioned this term to her brother. What she said made no sense to me and I didn't understand why she was laughing. To me shrimping WAS simply trying to catch shrimp to eat. She explained what it means and I wish this new image of this new meaning would get out of my head.

*scrubs brain with Brillo pad*

Just because I don't want to be alone scrubbing my brain with that Brillo pad, I'm going to explain it to those of you who don't know. It's when one man **** in a another man's bum, then he sucks it out with a straw. Ewww, Ewww, ewww.
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I don't think I'll ever look at a shrimp the same way again. Ewww!

LMAO! This is funny and yucky at the same time... To each their own.

Leave it to the younger generation to teach us a few things we don't wanna know.

I swear that act has been called so many different things. It got the term "felching" for a while too. Why these acts don't have one name stuck to them, is beyond me.

couldn't stop laughing, showed my husband, he can't stop laughing...
Thanks for sharing. We thought we'd heard nearly everything too.
Our eldest is 12, so we will be further educated in the future too.
Did your daughter have any other terms we should be aware of?

I'm afraid to ask her, but I'm sure she knows plenty that she hasn't shared with me.

Just when I thought I couldn't be surprised anymore by things I have read on here. LOL

Just when I think I know more than my teens, they have to tell me something like this to prove otherwise.

Thankfully my oldest daughter is only 12 and just the thought of kissing a boy still grosses her out. But I have also noticed that a lot of the terminology is just changing. Like what I used to know as a choo choo train is now called spit roasting.

My youngest turns 12 next Saturday. She's been boy crazy for a year already, so you are lucky that yours is taking her time. *sigh* having siblings older than her (15 and 17) they tell her all sorts of stuff she shouldn't know yet, because they think it's funny.

LOL I have no doubt I will deal with in a few years. My youngest daughter is only 6. I just told my wife about shrimping. I wish I had a camera in hand when I told her

I'm sure my daughter wished she had a camera too. I must have said eww a hundred times and my daughter was laughing hysterically at my reaction.

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I will do my best to not ever think of this as shrimping, this is just really sick

*passes the brain bleach* I don't know that Brillo pads will be strong enough...

I am sorry that I read this. The appeal of doing that completely eludes me.

Don't get it either.

Great story. I'd have added a fourth 'Ewww.'

And prolly a 'yuck.' Misery loves company?

Yes, misery loves company...lolz

I can't bring myself to rate this story up..............

So no 'shrimping' in your future?

Eww! My first thought when I read "shrimping" was of Forrest Gump and Buba... LOL. Seriously, what kind of sick mind even thinks of these acts, much less names them! Thanks for sharing (I think), it's always good to be familiar with the teen lingo when you have kids!

Uhm.....yea........*runs for coffee*

Oh jeez..... I didn't know that......*pass me the Brillo please.* yuck, yuck and triple yuck......

That's a new one.

I still don't understand why they call it shrimping.

Hmmmm.. could have done without that. Thanks for sharing some mental herpes with me.

Passes you some antibacterial ointment and a Brillo pad.