My Naughty Landlord

We renting a house and its full of mould its makin us all bad and there is more water on the inside of the windows and doors as all the seals and frames have eroded the bedroom carpet is mouldy and damp and all our clothes and furniture are mouldy and stink. Our kitchen sink has a hole in and there is water coming up thru the floor tiles. Our landlord fitted a fan in our bathroom to solve this problem?? And also sprayed the bottom 2 bricks round the outside of the house to stop the mould and damp upstairs??? Must be a miracle spray n he must think I'm stupid cos the problem is gettin worse but he is happy to collect the rent each week. We since decided to move closer to family and after livin in this place for 3 half yrs wit no trouble or missed rent all we asked for was a reference from our landlord to confirm we are good ppl n have not caused any trouble but guess what it appears our landlord doesnt want to let us move we have been offered 4 houses in total and passed all checks untill the landlords reference has landed then suddenly they pull out n we dont get the house. Dont kno wot to do can anyone help me pls??
sezybee sezybee
31-35, F
Jan 25, 2013