First Contact

Unnamed&Lame: how are you sexy????

WT: i'm fine, thanks... :0] how are you?

Unnamed&Lame: im just fine... when we can chat?

WT: i can't chat now, but i can send messages... what would you like to chat about?

Unnamed&Lame: sex! lol

WT: um... sorry, i'll have to pass on that. there are plenty of women on EP who want to talk only about sex. i'm many layered and would hate to limit myself. good luck to you...

ugh. snobby? probably. do i care? not even a little...
WoobieTuesday WoobieTuesday
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16 Responses Apr 12, 2011

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DG!! Next time, you gotta POST that hilarity! :0]

LOL!! yes, xactly dgirl<br />
<br />
LOL @ woobie, yes...there is always that to look forward to when we log into ep after being off for more than an hour or so he he

lol... don't worries ladies. i'm SURE that you'll have more to post before you know it... :0]

dang it, i wish i would have kept them now :(

thanks Ray and DominatedGirl!! heh... :0]

Well....I do have an IQ in the double digits, I'll have you know. <br />
<br />
I try hard to stay on this side of creepy, even if I am talking trash. Don't tell anybody but I have a few contradictions of my own. Shhhhh......

lol... Topbear, you're also too cerebral for such a move. :0]

*Damn.....wonder if it's too late to edit that message I sent her*

lol... hey Sierra, why didn't THEY think of that!? <br />
<br />
....handcuffs, anyone? (i'm a walking study in contradiction, i tell you... )

LOL..This was good Woobie! I always tell them to look through the experience groups and find whole groups of peeps who want to cyber!

lol.... omg... i'm THAT GUY! ugh.

i sincerely hope others post their tales of hilarity... XOXOXO

and the Group is a hit! good work, woobs.

they can't all be as smooth as you, Love. :0]

awww, thanks big dog. bring your funnies... i'm sure the ladies do it too!