Funny Status

Someone fanned me that had this status that I thought was funny

 I am feeling excitement,Horny,I have female nude hairy ***** friends at the beach

Then go to the beach! This spring I hope to meet some ***** friends too!

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4 Responses Apr 8, 2012

LoL XD Cyber sex wannabes are so lame xD

ah yes .. hairy ***** friends ... I have two of those at home ... the best kind :-)

Oh! I would like to pet those *******! Then I shall:<br />
<br />
a) ask if that line has ever actually worked for him<br />
<br />
b) inform him that I have absolutely no doubt that there will be naked, hairy woman fleeing across the beach to get away from him this summer... ;-)

Wow, nude hairy *******...*snort*