Or Not

I'm not sure why I even joined this group. Maybe I thought those looking to score some cyber nookie would casually take their time and carefully look through my profile. They would see this group and realize I'm not that kind of girl. And they would decide there is no point in wasting their energy to send me a message asking, "lets chat...wanna have some fun...hi, what are you wearing"...and so on. Yep, they would certainly see this group and move on. *GIGGLE*

Like most of the women here who express themselves sexually, I get a lot of sexually explicit and very unsolicited messages from guys who are only here for one reason: looking to get off online. They come in all age groups, with all kinds of user names, from all walks of life (I know this because I'm always curious about the type of person who approaches a woman this way...a woman who is a complete stranger, and I check out their profile, considering there is anything there to check out!).

However, in light of getting a good laugh by myself, or sharing with a friend for a mutual laugh, I don't see the point in singling anyone out...humiliating anyone...making someone feel badly. Not that I really suspect these members care, but it just goes against the grain of my inner moral compass.

Of course I'll never say never. I will remain in this group, and perhaps one day someone will send me a message that is so vulgar or sooo funny that I'll share with everyone. So, cyber sex seekers beware.....if you message me, you may just inspire a story....motivate me to give everyone a good giggle at your expense....provoke me to forget my manners, throw politeness by the wayside and let you know what I really think about your sad attempts to score cyber sex!
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4 Responses May 10, 2012

Hey there you groovy chic! Wanna kick back a colt 45 and listen to the 8 track and play like some bunnies?

Whew! Had to do a quick scan to see if I was called out yet. Not YET!

Ok so just to be clear......is two weeks enough time for you to plan ahead to cyber? After all, I know you're not spontaneous now. lol

lol ;)

You may need more time than that, took you 2 + weeks to comment lol- JK

Hmmm....i dont want to WONDER what you ARE wearing, i would much rather KNOW what you WERE wearing! Lol! Just to clarify my intentions....

haha...if I wasn't wearing anything would you really want me to spend time describing my discarded clothing? ;) haha

No, not you describing the clothing, i would prefer a much more intimate, personal knowledge of the situation! Lol!