Xxxtop -66-70 Yo M Asking Young Man For Sex Stories From His "young Teens"

Here, a recent story- and the perv's comment near the end.

I Would Love It If You Sent Me Naughty Stories In My Inbox

Anyone Intrested
By: iorntiger
Written on December 9th, 2012
My ex used to have me wright sex stories for her and I enjoyed it since we broke up I havnt wrighten any thing. And would like to start it up but I have no one to wright for if you would like me to have ago for you let me know no subject I can think of is to messed up just let me know
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By: iorntiger
Age: 18-21 , Man
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I would love to read some hot sex stories about you an you ex or anyone else.

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Any kind of story you'd like to read

23 minutes ago

How about your sex life in your early teens!

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Bfinally Bfinally
51-55, M
Dec 14, 2012