? Vat Isst Los ?

Luvsmokegirls said:

I love to smoke vs menthol 120s and play with myself... Makes me so horny i want to suck a ****

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  • Reply by JohnnieGirl5 Dec 29th, 2012 at 7:18AM

    sounds like a personal problem. I know of a few dicks though that could help. Let me show you the door and thanx for sharing...

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     rare case to show that guys are not the
    only freaks to come out at night 
    not even sure what gender this one is ...



JohnnieGirl5 JohnnieGirl5
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a beautiful story there from luvsmokegirls. I am thinking two things:
1) health and safety - *** ash falling onto bedding / naked flesh
2) wont the ciggie get in the way of the BJ?

I'm thinking it is a man - they almost all are - aint you sexy ladies (middled aged blokes)

My settings are so locked down I dont get this stuff any more - maybe i should change that... it makes me laugh

I am always conjcerned about menthol smokers... They are all weird....

"not even sure what gender this one is ..."

Matters not, I'd think. I guess that's what menthols do. o.o