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Is there anything more disappointing for a red-blooded woman than to be enticed by the avi of a lush, lithe, scantily thonged young woman's tush  . . . someone who's added you to your circle with the invitation of lasting friendship . . .  only to peek at the profile page of some guy?
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Boy my attempt to pick up Kathryn1985 for some cyber has really spurned an existential debate here. Lol

Check out my avi instead then--it's John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, one of the most beautiful and certainly the most wicked man of his age. And he wasn't agist, sexist, or speciesist.

Aha - the broad-minded type

Not really--more the one-track minded type, lololololol!

As long as they have feet, huh?

To quote from Rochester's "The Imperfect Enjoyment":

"Her hand, her foot, her very look's a ****...."

LOL - I wish I'd ever inspired such a pithy utterance

I think that line is more about Rochester's love of ******* than particular praise of any one woman....

...but still...

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Oh katie I MISS YOU

It's possible that men use female avatars is in the hope of convincing other men of their high status - "Look at my hot woman, lads - this is the standard of woman I've got?" And if the man is look ing for someone to flirt with it sends out the message to potential mates too, "Only HOTTIES need apply. Please send nude pix to prove it"

True. But possible in the way that it's possible that Vera Farmiga will falll hopelessly in love with me.

She would if she met you, I bet.

I think that would render it even less probable but we are talking in nano measurements so it's difficult to tell without sophisticated and expensive measuring equipment.

You have established your gorgeousness with the ladies of EP so let's have no more of this self-effacing flim-flam

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I have seen lots of men use sexy female avatars at various sites on the net, even in mostly-male nonsexual forums (for example, a web site for cigar smokers that I go to.) It's not that they are trying to deceive, and I don't think they are roleplaying either. I think they just figure that having such an avatar shows that they are cool.

It blows my mind why so many men use a good looking female avatar, or a female avatar at all. It doesn't take long to figure them out.

I just assume they\'re roleplaying. They can\'t get a hot girl to talk to them for real (or at least, not to say the kind of things they\'d want to hear from them...), so they make one up and have her say whatever they want.

While despite my previous inclination to believe that these men thought of the female sex as taboo in and of itself, I've just thought of another, less psychological, possible reason: perhaps it's just too hard for them as men to get anything in the sex department. I think it makes sense. I don't see handsome and attractive men doing it. More often than not it is losers, and by that I mean guys who are not attractive, neither appearance- nor personality-wise. Add to that the fact of life that it is much easier for women to find willing sex partners than it is for's like the perfect thing to be for someone who wants to be attractive.

I\'m kinda shocked this just came to you now.

me too :)

Whenever I get an add from a 18 to 21-year-old woman who only joins sex groups (and many of them pandering to common male fantasies)...I just assume it's some lonely guy fantasizing.


I imagine there are quite a few things which are more disappointing. If you haven't encountered them, you have led a charmed life thus far. Of course, that will change if we ever meet.

have you ever been harassed daily by guys online who only view you as a potential ****-hole which constantly serves to remind you and reinforce the idea that your only use in life is as such?

Even though my avatar is a beautiful ***** who just loves to do it doggy style, I haven\'t. I\'m not sure why you ask me. EP, like everywhere else, adheres to the 5% rule: there are very few good guys and the bad guys go with the turf.

Have you ever been told to make yourself look good in applying for jobs because employers (understood to be men) will want a cute/hot young girl to work for them?

Do they really think they will get anything more than a cheap
Thrill out of it if that???

LOl that is about all I would gather they get most times. Or they are looking for the steam of verbal abuses you might spew out in your next contact with them...

I know of a case of this that got so serious, the "man pretending to be a woman" ended up in court! I can't get into more details publicly but I advise everyone to be more careful!! Be prepared for on line site can give its "members" absolute protection! This happens all across the net.

I've never understood the purpose in doing that.

You couldn't possibly get away with a bikini-clad AVI cause I'm quite familiar with your usual boating adventure attire. . . . SPF 12 Panama Jack suntan lotion.

True, you have me there. Still, I don't understand why a guy would use a female AVI. Perhaps I am either too old or insufficiently manipulative.

I imagine it's an attempt to pretend it's his wife or girlfriend that he wants to share with EP members. When I have looked, those sort of profiles usually have groups about wife sharing.

If you think that's disappointing to a red-blooded woman - how about to a hot-blooded guy. It's down-right disgusting.

I never understood using an alluring female AVI if you're a male either. The AVI is supposed to be a representation of you in some way. Are these men channeling their inner sex kitten?

The disappointment is akin to your favorite Sushi restaurant closing for some arcane reason or foreign holiday and settling on a tuna salad sandwich.

OMG. its hard enough living as one are telling me there is a guy out there pretending to be 2 people ????. And he's fobbing himself off as a girl ??. To pull a chick ??. If he is a guy and girl...he can save money, stay at home and pull himself...literally. R

Oh no. Not that at all. I'm saying that some guys are simply using female avi's, which is perfectly fine if that's what they enjoy, but I'm disappointed when I get to their sites hoping that it's a pretty girl.


Lipstick deception, where is Sherlock holmes?

I'm with you girl. EP is no place for deception. I think everyones profile pics and stories should be perfectly truthful and honestly portray the members intentions for joining EP. Shame on them for implying that they are something that they are not. Take me, for example. "ilbnb", I Love Breasts And Bras. I only post profile pics that accurately reflect the meaning of my name. Carry on the good fight! I'll back you.

*changes avi*

I knew it all along.

Nothing says mid-60s cosmopolitan cool like a Martini with "the Phantom" David Niven. And Henry Mancini playing in the background, of course.

It's an outrage, is what it is! Who are these people, toying with our sensitive emotions? *breaks carrot stick in half* Can't they see how fragile we are?

*finds another carrot*

I have broken a lot of carrots since my BF dumped me. I think it squicks men out to do that in front of them. Although carrots can be useful in a wide variety of ways ....;)

Maybe I'm dense, at a loss as to why a guy would want to have a female avatar or try to pass themselves off as female. What a great way to make friends with women.

You know what Jack? I'm ok with any avi a person chooses. It's their fantasy, role play, someone or something they respect or enjoy or a simple whim. So be it. But so many times nice legs and a bikini bottom turns out to be a scratch, day-old beard and cigarette smoke (which is a-ok if that's what's expected). For the guys in a skimpy thong: you better be in great shape.

I put on my cleanest greasy white tank top just for you Katie!

I suppose you're right, EP seems to be fantasy world.


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What makes you so sure it wasn't his tush?

Yeah that would disappoint me too.

I can assure you there's little more disappointing than that for a red-blooded MALE. So believe me ... I feel your pain, lil sis.

Wonder what color blood runs through the veins of fakes?

I always have to laugh at guys with girl avatars......I usually just figure they're a cross dresser tho.... :D