i get tricked too often in my life made the fool. people pretend they care but they just use me to make themselves feel better. i have feelings i feel pain. i need truth in my life i do not need lies it cuts me like a knife. family so called friends. i am alone in this world and it destroys me but at least i know i will never lie to my heart.i will try to protect it. my wanting to help others causes too much pain. love is nothing but pain.each breathe i take is just painful i have had enough. stop please i wish so much people would see me. see me as who i am and stop using me like i have no feelings.

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4 Responses Apr 11, 2010

i have been taking a lot of verbable abuse lately and catching out lies im afraid if i keep saying bye to these sort of people i will be all alone.

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i always catch ppl lying too so sad :((((

I dont understand people like either. And they seem to be everywhere. Im learning to protect my heart too.

And it makes it harder for people like me to get close ((hugs))