I Will Give You A Medical Need Lady!

So it was a monday, and Pyotr was sitting in the ER waiting room (We have a wonderful waiting room, very nice seats). I had card rounds, and so did my wife, and we were buzzing around, trying to get to everything, when a lady with practically no teeth came up to Pyotr and told him to get out of his chair. There were plenty of chairs, and she could have just sat down somewhere else, but no, she had to be a...... So he got up and sat on the floor. She told him if he didn't have a tea; medical need, that he shouldn't be here. He told her his dad and mum were working here, and told him to wait there until they were done. She put her hands on her hips and told him he wasn't allowed to be here-Bull Shite by the way, he is allowed to sit there, she didn't even work here! He told her he had waited here many times before, being very respectful, addressing her as ma'am. She told him she was going to call security if he didn't find his parents and stop fooling around. Pyotr looked scared. I was waiting at the front desk for a scut list, watching the whole thing, wondering if I should intervene. She pointed to the front desk and told him to get out if he didn't have a medical need to be here. He was on the brink of tears. The secretary (Nala) gave me the scut list and I marched right over to this woman. I came right up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder.
"Hello miss, if you do not stop harassing my son, I will give you a medical need to be here." I said, smiling at her. Pyotr had the most hilarious face of triumph on. He was standing behind her, smirking. She looked shocked, and went to the front desk to complain. Our secretary is a friend of mine, and she said she didn't see anything.
"That man and his son are taking up space needed for the sick!" She yelled at Nala. She tapped her pencil on her desk and clicked her tongue.
"That man happens to be a doctor here, and his son is allowed to be here." She said.
"I am going to complain to security!" She yelled. Nala shrugged.
"I am a witness, and I haven't seen anything. Security is just down the hall ma'am." She said pointing. Pyotr and I were both smirking now, our grins were so wide they reached ear to ear. Nala smiled and we saluted her. The woman did complain, but my resident was laughing about it, and told me I could go back to rounds, although I would have a helluva lot of scut to do. She never messed with Pyotr again. haha lady! I win!

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Sorry for the typo, tea is supposed to be real. I hate auto correct!