Dunno If This Counts

I dunno if this counts or not, but i had a patient named joseph, really sweet kid. Anyways, so he came in for severe stomach flu, an we had him hospitalized, since his dehydration was at a dangerous point. His mum kept pestering him about everything. I mean everything. If he was watching TV, she would turn it off and scold him for watching it, or if he was eating jello, she would throw it away, and scold him for that. She smacked him upside the head a couple of times, and I had had enough of it. It was the straw that broke the camel's back. He was really sweet, and extremely respectful. he had to be, else be scolded by his mum. She was just a complete ***** to everyone. She made my job hard to do, and made his life a living hell. Poor kid was only about eight years old. She was in during rounds, and I found her yelling at joseph for playing with a puzzle I had given him. It was a rubics cube, and she snatched it and threw it int he trash. She started to scold him, telling him he should be sleeping, not playing. It was eleven o'clock in the morning for heaven's sake. She was just being difficult.
"Mrs. Whatever her name was, stop harassing my patient, he's having a hard enough time trying to recover without you hounding him. Step outside and into the ER waiting room please, while I check his progress." I said. She looked at me and huffed. i picked up the rubics cube, and saw that it was nearly completed. He smiled, and asked if I could keep her out of there for just a few hours. I nodded and told her he needed sleep, and that we had it from here. I told her she was free to leave, which was like saying "don't let the door knob get you on the way out." she left and Joseph finished the rubics cube. i called his father, and told him Joseph needed his father right now, and not a hounding mum. He understood, and took over. They were divorced, needless to say. I came very close to yelling at her.
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