Protecting You Will Always Be My First ....

I will protect the ones I love

With everything I got , with everything I am , with my soul , with my Heart , I will always protect you matter what or how much I go through will always be the one I loved , and will always love matter where you are will always find me next to you .
Life takes from us as much as it give .... And I have you , and that's everything I will ever need , and when something is mine ...I do everything to keep it mine , I don't give up that easy .... So I will always protect you with everything I got ❤❤❤

Because the day you got me into your heart .....

I got you into mine .....

And when something gets into my heart .... It never gets out .
Hope1001 Hope1001
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Thanx your sweet :)

what a lucky man !!! and what aloyal girl :)

Thanks ❤❤