Dont You Feel Dumb

My mother has a HUGE inferiority complex. She doesnt want anyone to be better then her-especially not her own child. I dont understand this, but its REALLY annoying.
Anyways, i made the decision to go into the Navy almost two years ago (its been a long drawn-out process). At first she was supportive and proud of me. But then she had a change of mind, and started degrading the military, saying stupid **** like "you only get a few extra benefits", "the only difference is a little bit of a different structure", and "youll make more in the private sector". What the actual **** do you think youre comparing this amazing career choice to??? Then one night she tried getting me to give up the Navy by teling her boyfriend (loud enough that she was sure i could hear, mind you) "shes flat footed as hell, theyll never accept her. She will never make it in." Actually, according to the military, if you can MAKE an arch in your foot by transferring your weight to the outsides of your feet, youre not flat footed.
I bet it burned her *** when she found out i made it in. I wouldve loved to have seen her face when she heard those words. ツ
Only 2% of the population is eligible for the military, and only 1% is eligible for the Navy. Im proud as hell to be part of that 1%. GO NAVY!!!!!! ツ♥★

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really? so less people? never know this...<br />
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but i think its good to follow your own decision, without let to read it out by other people!