When I Belonged to a Gym...

I loved working on the elliptical!  I would love to own one and work out daily on one, but I don't know the first thing about all of the features that I should look at.  If there is any advice someone could give me about purchasing one (not too expensive), I'd appreciate it!

debmichelle debmichelle
3 Responses Jul 6, 2008

Actually, instead, I just joined our local gym. I was told by the trainers there that I should work on increasing muscle far before I do more cardio.

did you ever get one, I just bought a diamondback elliptical machine, it was delivered today. I had been using one at the gym, a precor, they suggested that was the best brand, but they were all over $2500 and those were the re-manufactured ones I found on the internet. But I really liked the diamondback at the store so hopefully it will work well. But if your still looking, I would check out the used sports equipment stores, they often have good deals on home gym equipment.

Thanks so much for the warning! I love spending time on it, but not that much.