New Me New Job New New New

Recently I interviewed for a new job.  It is for a directors position. I would be over the entire department.  I was reluncant at first.  I went in for one of the simple jobs as another pill pusher.  I love nursing but pushing pills all day is a headache and a bore.  So when this position came along I jumped.  Still waiting for the outcome of my second interview.  Down to me and another person.  The fact that I got this far is amazing to me.  I jumped for joy just to get a call to come in for a second interview.  I have gotten the bug ad now want to be more then i ever was before.  Managment seems good.  I am going back to school back to class to reach my dream of being better then I am today.  Better then I am now.
whykeeper whykeeper
36-40, F
Oct 4, 2011