I Will Pursue It!!

Now all I have to do is figure out what "it" is..

desieyez desieyez
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5 Responses Apr 4, 2008

Yes you do need to figure that out. Let's brainstorm... :)<br />
<br />
If you could do one thing to change your life physially and or financially in the next 90 days ....failure is not an option. What would that look like?

I am the same.

I know the feeling. Im a teacher..sort of fell into it but i started off training as a lawyer...Iv had moments where iv wanted to go back..and then there are times where i dont know what my dream job is anymore! I hope u find what you love doing in time.

that truly is the hardest part..

That's the problem, right? Trying to figure out what are dreams really are!