Attaining My Dream Job

A job was not what I wanted. What I wanted was a means to make money which I would enjoy doing. If I did not need to have money to survive, I would be doing what I enjoy doing. For the last 12 years I have been trying to find a decent job, but I am either over qualified or not qualified enough for the positions I have chosen to apply for. Could it be I should have been working for myself? I have always had a strong desire to work for myself, and in 1995 my desire turned to working for God. I had thought this desire would be fulfilled by volunteering. I never thought I would find myself looking at a paying job for God, and definitely not one which had a pliable definition, or I could classify as self-employment.

Most recently, after pulling my self-esteem up out of the gutter of despair it was pushed into by job search rejection e-mail after rejection e-mail, I decided to make a go of working for myself and to step out into faith doing the things I know are God’s plan and purpose for me. The result is what I have agreed to do for income is enjoyable to me.  I do not call it a job. I call it my work, and I look forward to doing it. You may not have an aspiration to get paid working for God, but what I did to get to discovering my dream job and some of the things I am doing may be of interest to you.

It took considerable brainstorming, list making, and assessment taking to be able to discover my personal job description and employment opportunity, but it was all worth it. The objective of the process was to build a plan to make income which fit in with my skills, abilities, desires, and limitations rather than find an opportunity to try and fit myself into. I had tried fitting myself into existing opportunities, and all I did was lose money. The most difficult aspects of the self-discovery job process for me was determining my strongest passions, the overall category or categories my passions fit into, and what I would do to turn my passions into income. The second most difficult aspect of the process was defining the tasks of my work.

After determining my passion categories are in holistic health and faith-based social service, I spent some more time in introspective research to define my work tasks. I followed peace and paid attention to my internal excitement meter as I used the results of the interests and skills assessments offered at the local One Stop Employment office and my personal lists of what I like to do and do not like to do, need to have in my work environment for me to be happy, prefer to do and will not do, need others to do or knowledge for me to do it, and what motivates and demotivates me to determine the tasks of my work. After these first two steps were accomplished, the last step was to search what existed in the marketplace for me to use.  

The results of all of this soul searching and allowing God to show me where the peace for me is resulted in my being able to discover the means for me to make money. My interests have me leveraging multiple streams of income by default, but to my heart’s desires I have added affiliate marketing and drop shipping using the tools of Internet, social media, and blog marketing. Maybe one day I will even sell what I have learned, but until then being able to promote the products and services of others which complement the chaplain services and holistic health coaching I provide; the all-natural, handmade, and therapeutic body care products I make; and the faith-based social enterprise consulting and small business support I give is how I am becoming financially stable and enjoying working for God, from home, and on my own hours.

If you have an affiliate product or marketing strategy you would like to share with me please reply to my story or send me a private message (PM).
Sophora Sophora
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