How Do You Work It Out?

I've taken so many stabs at finding a 'dream' future career, but I just don't know. I wish I did.  I -really- wish I did.  They you're supposed to just 'know' when you've landed on the right one, but I just don't know.  How do you work it out?  How do you separate all the "maybes" and land on the 'yes!'? 


What is it that I can do to help differentiate between what would be nice to do and what I really want to do?  How do I discover my dream job?




Edit to add:  *smiles*  Now I know.  A dream job is not one without potential problems or dislikes:  It is one in which is suitable to such an extent that the unfortunate points about it can be outweighed by its greater positive aspects.  

( I think I've found mine.  ;-D ) 



Mitosis Mitosis
18-21, M
1 Response Jun 1, 2008

I think every single job will have a part you don't like, so there is never a "perfect," but maybe you can ask your friends what they think you should do? Sometimes friends have surprisingly good insights and see parts of you that you don't really notice.