I was picked up by start up branding company, it expanded a lot quicker than expected. They had expectations for me to interject on projects and clients and create things I had not had the sufficient training to do. We recently picked up global, and international clients.

I thought this is where I wanted to be, it's starting to seem like better pay than anything I expected, or anywhere else I have every worked.

....I think I might quit,

I have always wanted to go back to school for Speech Language Pathology, to do ABA therapy for kids with autism ages 1-6. I want to set up different practices, go to school districts show them the progress and potential of imposing positive reinforcement at an early age.

Address issues of the NCLB and the amount of money spent on an off tilt education system currently stuck under blanket ideals of testing. Allow kids with lower functioning capabilities to learn functional things like preparing themselves food.
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Wow! All i can say is follow your passion, it will take you far and give you amazing satisfaction - disadvantaged children really need people like you at this time

Thank you for the encouragement, I appreciate it, kind of you to say (: