Am A Cancer Specialist

as I was a child I loved to be a doctor. By accident I studied pharmacy at uni. Naturally I wanted to be a great pharmacist in that time...but after working as a pharmacist for a while, I found out that this job could not fulfil my dreams and what I expected from my job. My diploma work was in molecular pharmacology field. I monitored the drug effects on cells obtained from children with leukemia (blood cancer).

in that time I found it really interesting. Working in lab to understand why cells go malignant together with visiting children suffering from cancer were two reasons of my passion to work,  it is about applying basic research findings in clinic, yeah....That's my perfect job!

By now I am planning to study cancer biology at university of calgary to obtain phd degree. Then after I am going to find a key to cure the cancer in this world...I donot know the way yet but I am sure I can since that's my love!

By the way, I wanna earn soooooooooooo much money from my loved job that other people (my parents, friends, cancer patients,...) enjoy it too. I want to see all the people happy and healthy and I will definitely use my money in this way...

Sure I am be able to do that...give me some positive energy, friends! ;)

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

All the best to you. I'm sure you'll succeed.

Go for it pal, if not for you then for me! Do you have any idea how cool it'd be to be able to say "i know the guy that cured cancer" That'd knock 'em out the water at dinner parties.<br />
Lol i'm kiddin, but seriously good on ya mate.<br />
<br />
Much luck with college and everything :-)