I Have Been Working On It, But Now I Have Hit A Wall

Almost five years ago now I was less than 2 pounds under 400 pounds. I was so big that when I took my family to ride horses on the beach I had to ride a Clydesdale, because none of the other horses could hold my weight! So I went on a diet. My goal was and still is to get to 200 pounds or less by August of 2012. I picked this month and year, because it is when my 30Th High school Reunion is set for. When I was in high school my weight went from 145 to 165 then back again. At my 20Th I was so large that the tables and chairs kept trying to revolve around me. Not one person recognized me. I knew that I had to do it slowly. That is another reason for setting the time period so far ahead. I do believe that I have come alone way. When I starter I was wearing size 58 jeans, and today I am in 38's. I love that. However, for the last three months, when I get weighed in at my doctor's I have been at 265. I was losing on an average, five pounds a month for the least year. I do not know how to get past this wall. I still need to lose at lest 65 pounds in the next two years. Can anyone give me any Ideas, please?
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I guess I was worried about nothing. When I weighed in on the 30th of this month I found that I had lost 8 pounds.

Thank you both. Those are some good suggestions. I never thought a bout the measurements, I have shrunk a lot. It was recently pointed out to me that I need to get all new shirts. I was told the ones I have hang off of me. I went down in shirt size to a 3x but I just bought a new one which was a 1x this month.

Are you also taking measurements? Usually when your weight stands still, you are losing centimetres/inches. If you take you measurements on a regular basis (eg. once a week), it will keep you motivated whilst your weight is standing still. You have done great so far. Keep it up. Good luck!

have you tried anything like<br />
<br />
www.myfitnesspal.com or www.sparkpeople.com ? (They're both free)<br />
<br />
Move more, eat small portions of healthy food. <br />
<br />
I'd be willing to be that if you've lost that much weight so far, you probably already know quite a bit about nutrition and exercise!<br />
<br />
Whatever you do - don't give up!<br />
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