Food My Old Friend...

Every time I feel sad or happy I turn to food.Being rejected and loneliness just makes you forget about everything and eat like a damn fool and before you know it ,you look in the mirror and you can no longer recognize the woman you use to be.I feel so frustrated..

Although I am having a very tough time instead of turning to food I have refused my old friend.I am exercising and watching what I eat.I can no longer blame anyone but me for letting myself go.I should never have given anyone that kind of power over me.

It's so easy gaining it and so freaking hard to take it off...I have short goals and as I reach each one I would make another.My goal weight is 140,I feel I can maintain that with a push lol.
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Time to make yourself so hot and beautiful. Keep working on your eating as a lifestyle not a diet. Diets don't work in the long term, you will lose then regain! Also get as fit as you can. Dress each day as if you are dating.


When you are unloved you don't feel good about yourself. Not saying you do, but it is so easy to let yourself go. So if you take care of yourself you will feel better about yourself. If you get fit your body releases endorphins which make you happier. Maybe and hopefully, he will lose himself with raging desire and attack you with a mad passion.
If he doesn't you will have succeeded in making yourself the best you ca be. Ready for the next chapter in your life.
Personally, I don't recommend the infidelity option. There are too many unhappy endings and very few happy ones. Take care

How is this going for you? Have you stuck with it? Have you taken it even further?

Slow at the moment..I constantly self sabotage ,makes things difficult .

Don't do that.

I know and working on it..I joined a gym ,so that should help...


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