I Think I Can Do This

I average about 150 a year now but I have no idea how many I read as a child. I'm pretty sure this is one goal I will successfully achieve.
RawRedhead RawRedhead
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3 Responses Jul 17, 2010

And a book you can pick up any time. I don't want to be bound by convenience

I've lost count of the number of books i've read. I have about 60 on my shelf that I have to keep rereading too. <br />
I don't know whether to thank the internet for allowing my to download 2 books i'm unable to buy or curse it as they probably would have been more readily available otherwise. But I like books, the laptop is too heavy to read in the bath!

Good deal. I'm a reader too. I don't keep track. And I think books are going obsolete. darn internet.