A Final Pact to Myself! Release Her!

The sun is cracking through the blue skies, making its way to spring, well not so fast, it is February 9th, 2009. There is something special about this day. I woke up upset with myself, disappointed, believing that other peoples lives were more worthy than mine.

Being caught up with my ex and her "new love" of which she met only months after our 3 year relationship. Saying "I love you" openly on eachothers wall, expressing their "honeymoon stage" love which is doomed considering they don't know what I know about her. Loving her "flaws and all" is no where near the REAL DEAL. Quite absurd, but it happens.. and I was too caught up in their lives and how much it disappointed me that I forgot about my own goals. I am better, more real, higher, truer, cleaner, purer.  

Well today is a new day.. I am sick of the feeling, the self-torture of knowing.. when suddenly I woke up and said to myself I am better.. I owe myself the gift of loving and appreciating myself. I have great goals and dreams ahead of me then to worry about a bunch of lost, confused, and aimless people who think they know what they want. TODAY IS A NEW DAY! a NEW YEAR! A NEW Beginning.. and I release her.. for love does not leave you for something they "think" is better.. love does not lie.. deceive.. she is no good and is a trainwreck waiting to happen, and I thank God I am no where near that!

I deserve good things, and this is where I raise my standards. Today. I will no longer look.. I will no longer consider someone's elses life better than mine.. or compare.. for they are on a different journey.. a different time.. and a different destination.

I am cleansing this person of me.. I forgive you and release you to the shadows.... may you one day realize your loss.. and may I one day realize my gains without you.


HerDiscovery HerDiscovery
22-25, F
Feb 9, 2009