Snow White

Nice Long Black Hair,Dark As Night Bright As A Starlight...
Blood Red Lips And Sweet Smell Of Honey,Silky White Skin With Eyes As Brown As Hot Chocolate..

i donno why but i want to be like snow white,be brillant but yet beautiful..
i dont envy her looks or anything(cuz she IS not real)
My virsion of ME being snow white is 7 coffins insted of 7''Dorfes'',an unawoken snow white who is still waiting for that kiss,but who will be her prince?
A monster lik ''Beauty And The Beast'',or murphit(MUR-FIT)the frog?or just some random guy cutting down a thorn bush and slayin a dragon?
or tryin to find me Because of some dumb shoe finding me on a rotten punkin?takes me away with His ''flying carpet?'' and tryin to Impress me with his monkey..
Maybe hes an orgre with a donkey?
i serouily have no idea and litterly need to get a life cuz this ''Fairy Tale''thing an't helpin..

Am i snow white or the old women?
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Nov 20, 2011