My Solace!

I didn't have much of a happy childhood... BUT, I do remember the fun times (no matter how few they were), and I'd like to keep those memories forever. I remember all of the fantasy stories that I made up, to entertain myself and my sister. I also love to remember of all the comedy skits that we would make up. And also the plays that we would put on. And I remember the days that I would watch the clouds, laying in the grass in the local park. And the nights of running in that same park, with a jar, to catch fireflies. :-)

I remember the summers of visiting the public pool. And me pretending that I could swim, but really, I stayed on the shallow end of the pool the whole time. =p

I'll forever remember the songs that I use to make up, just for fun, and sing for hours... until my mother yelled, "SHUT UP!!!" lol. I will always remember the trees that I had climbed, the mud-pies that I made in the garden, the earthworms that I had collected. And the butterflies that I wanted to catch, but were too fast for me to reach, so I ran around chasing them instead. I'll remember that little girl, that I was once, full of wonder and amazement.

And she is still with me. And I do let her come out to play sometimes. ;-)

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1 Response Mar 19, 2009