A Bit At A Time

Last night in the bath i shaved my chest and belly. it feels gummy when i do that- call me weird, it's true- but i enjoy the feeling of smooth. i would like to tan it without hair.

i would like to have a girlfriend who will help me shave me. the deal i would make is, she would shave my back because i cannot reach it and i would shave everything else. i don't think i would razor my pubes, though, as i have seen too many infection stories. One poor guy lost his entire package- penis and testicles- because of an infection from shaving. The surgeon made him an opening in his urethra so he can urinate- but i can't imagine him ever feeling good about himself again. i would clipper it every day.

Truth is, i would be willing to get lasered over everything except my face, head and eyebrows. i would like to have my unibrow and nose lasered- not the inside of my nose, the outside. i do shave it.

my last woman- see my other stories- likes body hair for some reason. i wish i had surprised her with a slippery slidey chest just for her to try it out. Too late now.
astounded1088 astounded1088
31-35, M
May 19, 2012