I've Set Aside My Differences...

I was walking back from checking my post office box when who do I see but that daughter of mine who said to my son via phone f-me when I didn't want to talk to her because I was still upset about the incident with her being cruel again.  She practically ran up to me.  I knew that she hadn't meant what she'd said and that she was frustrated at having to live in a rooming house with her three children.  The first thing she did was to say that she was sorry for what she had said to my son about me and that she wanted to apologize then but was afraid that I wouldn't be receptive.  I told her that she should have tried to anyway that she'd shocked and dismayed my son and that she should apologize to him also.  She went on to tell me that she has a three bedroom apartment now and is working two jobs and is getting help with furnishing the place and wants me involved with the kids.  I'd planned to surprise them with an unannounced visit but she got caught up with her business and didn't get back to me until after 6pm and that was two late.  So it is my understanding that my grandkids were the ones who spoke up strongly about seeing me and felt that she was wrong to have said what she said.  My daughter also admitted that she had jacked me over helping me with groceries because she was jealous that I had gotten into a home of my own and she hadn't.  She was "punishing me" for stepping out of the hell that she had worked hard to get me into.  Isn't that some mess?  But it's over now and I have my place and she has hers and we are on agreeable terms about my seeing my grand kids.  I have a visit planned for this Saturday and I am really looking forward to it.  Once my son goes to boot camp I can start having the three of them over for all nighters.  They like that and so do I.  I will continue to keep any harsh feelings that I may have towards my daughters actions to myself in order to maintain the peace necessary to see the children on a regular basis.  I'll know that they are being properly taken care of that way.  My daughter still has a problem with drugs but she has a sense of responsibility that she didn't have before she sent her kids away for a year. The little girl was mistreated badly and that is her mother's fault for having put them in that situation in the first place. I can be a granma again and maybe, just maybe, my daughter won't mess it up with her bad choices and bad judgment.

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1 Response Jun 15, 2007

I am glad you get to see your grandkids again, it seems like that is the best situation for them, and you get to enjoy being a grandma!