Lazy Day

We are supposed to be at the air show already but every one is having a lazy day. If we don't make it today we can always go tomorrow but not worried about it too much. Needless to say when my son woke up and said he was hungry I jumped right to it and granted his request "Mommy I hungry for cake".

One giant piece of cake coming right up! The baby is feeling better so she'll get a real meal, and at some point he'll want real food too, but for now he's chomping on cake! Works for me! Maybe tomorrow we'll make french toast with yummy pineapples and whipped cream and sprinkles!!! YUM!

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I'm gonna be the whitest cuban you've ever seen! *Giggles*

No Licking.....What... I will be getting my share soon....Puck may get one if he's good...LOL He will love being between an Italian and Cuban.. Ouch

hhmm okay i'll come there but gonna sleep right between you and JIm!

You know you'd LOVE Florida... whatcha waiting for

One day Ms Marji... one day<br />
<br />
MissLiss that sounds adorable! At least the baby is feeling better and eating again but oh boy does her backside produce some stinkies! UUHHGG! Can't wait for the virus to go bye bye.

elephant pancakes will work just fine... gonna be hard to top tomorrow though but with two additional teens staying over I'll be making lots!

nothing quite like breakfast cake<br />
mmmm... maybei should make one soon.

We had pancakes which looked like Mickey Mouse and elephants. Does that count for silly?

Be still my heart....LOL We are just as excited, and you'd be welcome anytime, the kids would love this place, swim, fish, live entertainment since his place is like Grand Central Station... A real ZOO... Slurp , Slurp

IVFP we should skip the base and just come to your house! LMAO! <br />
<br />
Grams ~ I CAN'T WAIT!!! *Giggles* To finally get to lick your face in person! BRUHAHAHA!

Let them eat Cake..... Not a thing wrong with that once in awhile.. It is storming here in Pensacola, three days of it...I'm so sick of the gloominess.. Puck and I will be headed out to Orlando and we are anxious to take one of our favorite EP friends to Lunch... ; )

Cake for breakfast YUMMy

HA the teen bought it for a friends birthday and no one touched it! The kids keep looking at it and drooling so they win!