"I Will Set Boundaries In Intimate Relationships"

I have decided it is about time that I set boundaries in any potential relationships. I am an easy person to get along with but sometimes I don't say or do things for fear of not pleasing others. I have a good idea of what I am looking for in a mate and this time around I am not just going to settle for just anyone! I want someone who is financilly responsible and self sufficient and not co dependant! I am not going to be in a one sided relationship where I am expected to make all the sacrifices. I am not going to allow someone to take away my dreams and goals for the future to satisfy their needs. I am going to put myself first and do the things that best benefit myself and my child.
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4 Responses Jun 1, 2007

From a neurolinguistic programming perspective, one suggestion could be to focus more on the positive ex<x>pression of your boundary setting. For example, instead of saying "I am not going to settle for one-sided relationship where I am expected to make all the sacrifices", you might choose to say "I accept a mutual relationship of respect and shared contribution". It doesn't seem such a difference at first glance, perhaps, but it might just be the difference between leaning away from a negative past experience and towards a positive future. Just a suggestion to help you live it.

I feel that...sometimes we just lower our standards because we are afraid to hurt peoples feelings.We need to guard our hearts.Our hearts are connected deep to our souls.We dont have to settle for less...we are better then that.We need to be true to ourselves!I admire these thoughts....selfworth...from Raindrop

there's something to be said for putting yourself first ... 'it works!' if you put yourself first in your own life, you will attract someone who's willing to put you first in their life ... it's the laws of attraction - read up on it! weird but true stuff...

I absoultely agreem that you should set goals and standards for potential mates. After my divorce i set some very high standards for the women that I would date....and found a winner and married her!