...So that my profile isn't so painfully empty, and for anybody to read if they actually click on it.

- I used to have an account of the same name when i was younger, it got deleted when i stopped needing a place to vent my emotions and issues.
This new one is basically an attempt at a semi-productive (ha!) way of killing time rather than a place for me to vent anymore, but with the mild possibility i can throw out some advice or experience that could do somebody some good.

- I'm not really active/online for long intervals until for whatever reason i can't go and do something more productive.... as a result i'm probably not somebody hugely worth adding to a friend list, (albeit i'm not against talking to anyone if they need it).

- I live in England, go to university, and happy to help and talk to anyone.
...Despite the long explanation as to why i'm probably not a good choice for someone to talk to, aha.

I think that just about covers it, cheers for reading!
Repetition Repetition
22-25, M
Sep 1, 2014