Weird Dream

Okay all, Normally, I do remember most of dreams but not this vividly and I don't think I have ever had a religious dream. So here goes.
In my dream I would alternate from a Jewish woman with a child to a Jewish child. In the first part of my dream I was myself but a Jewish living in Jerusalem and had a child. We were traveling around and of course the Jews were at war with some other nation (although I am not sure with who in my dream.) I was in a very big coliseum type arena with my child and we were singing songs about Jesus.(
Yes Jesus. It was not a song I knew but there were some people singing it and some who were not because they were afraid of being killed for singing the song. While singing the song, one of the people sitting next to me grabbed a box from under their seat and walked down to the field below. Once this person got down to the field, (it was a soldier in uniform) and they got into line with the thousand of other soldiers, we were all watching the horizon when all of the sudden this large black cloud with an army of airplanes and helicopters comes into view and they start dropping bombs everywhere. Right after I see the planes I start running out the building because it is collapsing everywhere around me. As I make it out, I am now a child that is scared and is sure that my parents have died in the building so an old woman grabs my hand and takes my with her through the country side where we are stopped by helicopter and questioned why a Christian child is with a Jew? There were 2 soldiers doing the questioning and one of the men was a bit nicer than the other. They end up killing two people who were standing near us and leaving me alone. The next thing that happened is I am in a Jewish Synagogue with a group of children and a rabbi asking me about Jesus Christ and when I start explaining I suddenly wake up!
Any ideas what this means? Thanks
Horseloversmom1971 Horseloversmom1971
May 21, 2012