Almost Lost My Husband.

My husband Steve suffered a severe heart attack on Dec 7th and I nearly lost him. They told me he had 2 locations in the LAD artery which were 98% blocked, and one on the right said which was 80% blocked. He has 3 stents in his heart now and came home on Dec 12th. My Daughter and I made sure he had someone with him in the hospital at all times. We have been married since 2-28-12. This was particularly concerning for me since my 1st husband died March 13 2008 due to heart attack. I am just so thankful he is home and getting better. I love being his private nurse and will help him in any way he needs.
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I died last year,( August 2014 ) on the way to the hospital in the ambulance and they brought me back, I was dead for about 2 minutes but it was not my time to go. I have 2 stents and I had a double bypass done to, so I have a nice little scar down my chest and a big long one down my right leg where they took the graft from. If you would every like to chat about your husbands ordeal send me a message, I am glad he is OK as it would have been devastating for you to loose another husband. Please add us as friends.

I hope for his full recovery. I think of you and your family.

it is my experience that a prayer with true heart and thankfulness is always heard. i will pray for you and your hubby. you also do... others also can pray for you people. the miracles can happen to day also !

He was lucky to have you...

Really hope he's doing well now. Had a scare myself recently. xx

I can understand how you fell my wife had the same thing done to her about 2 years ago, it was harder for her to get over the mental stress of her near death experience that the hart attack, the past two years has been very hard for both of us, we are just starting to come out the other end so good luck

After all you have been through, thank goodness Steve was able to go home and do better with help from your TLC. :) How is he doing now?

I would recommend for your husband pharmaceutical grade fish oil for restoring his full cardiovascular health. You can read about it in The Omega RX Zone by Dr. Bary Sears. <br />
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Also please see my new story about magnesium, which is very important for heart health.<br />
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My prayer and wish for many good years of health.

Wow, all the best to you both! You've had enough heartbreak for two lifetimes!

It's all Your efforts and prayers given back your husband life...

sounds like me i had six heart attacks on 2/26/10 one stent please add me as friend

I hope it works out for you and your husband, my wife of 35 years had a hart attack 18 months ago the doctor put 3 stints in her, she is a lot better but she keeps thinking about what could have happened instead of what did happen she has a secong chance she shoulr make the most of it instead she worrys about if it will happen again

I'm pleased to hear that all is going well so far. February will be three years since I had a heart attack and had a double bypass. It was supposed to be a routine triple bypass, but I died on the table when they pushed the anesthetic - took two shocks to get my heart started again. Bottom line is that I've done well and have few limitations in what I can do, which pleases my wife greatly! ;-)

Glad you pulled through and are still with us

Glad he is doing better. Couple here too, we would love to chat and share more with you guys sometime.

Sounds good. Message me with your thoughts, and I will respond soon.

Hope he gets well again !!

Close call! Glad he is home and recovering.

Glad he is home and everything is fine, relatively speaking. This type of procedure is more common today than it was even five or ten years ago. And the results more positive. Continue to count those blessings

Best Wishes for a speedy recovery! He is a lucky man to have you there to take care of him!

I am happy he is home with you and doing better.I am so happy that someone invented stents too.I think it was Johnson & Johnson but in any case he is in good hands with you as his private nurse.

Thanks. It was scary thinking I could lose 2 husbands the same way.

Yes that would have to be an anomaly to have it happen twice but let's hope he doesn't suffer anything else and lives a very long time with you.

I agree. He is in good hands with me. Things just happen in life and we have to move along.

We do and I like your spirit in all that you have been through.Hang in there enjoy life as much as you can.

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