1st Oral Many Years Ago

Dave and I wanted to try different things once we had sex for the 1st time. He had been my 1st and only lover and I was 15. I had *********** for him and watched him do the same. I had also stroked his **** to ******. One time we were preparing to make love when he got the idea to lick down my belly then between my legs. I felt his nose in my pubic hairs and shuddered when his tongue licked me there.
That was the first time anyone had been so close to me like that. After a few minutes I asked him to sit on the bed and I slipped him into my mouth. He watched my head move up and down on his ****, which made me feel special. We traded again with me on the bed as his tongue was again kissing my inner thighs, and then against my *****. I was soon moaning and pushing against his head until my body shivered in ******.
I wanted to return the favor and spent awhile sucking him again which he thought was 4play. But he soon realized I was trying to give him an ****** that way. He erupted into my mouth and I eagerly sucked him dry. I have been very oral since then, but still remember the 1st time doing
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i love giving oral to women mmm

Very lust inspiring story. I remember my time too. thanks for the memory

Oral sex is very intimate. Moreover, it seems to arouse more of the senses simultaneously than intercourse does (in most cases). My understanding is that this form of giving and receiving pleasure finally has broad acceptance among most couples today... Pls take a look at my profile, and then consider adding me to your circle. Thx.

Beautiful !! Thanks for sharing.


I would really love it by such a beautiful girl like you honey.....he must be soo lucky...

Great story! Add me? Id like to read more!

nice....i love getting BJ,,,but I enjoy eating out a woman..and having her cumm all over my mouth.so hot

I think we all remember those special sexual firsts. I'll never forget my first *******, *******, and intercourse. All great memories.
Do you prefer oral to intercourse?

In some ways, but having him inside me is amazing

Does he always *** inside you or do you like him to *** on you too?

Love this story

I also remember my first time going down on a woman,have not stopped loving that ever since.