We all make decisions everyday of our lives and whether we make a choice that’s detrimental to our well-being or completely innocuous, it’s still a choice made in a cognitive state. Now, you might ask, ‘what if I’m inebriated?’ That is completely irrelevant and a deflection of the problem, a sort of shifting blame, if you will. Just, because making mistakes is an inevitable fact of life, that doesn't, by any means, excuse you from the judgment of Yahweh. Some mistakes have worse consequences than others, but why do we blame God for our misapprehensions? A prime example would be a teen coming to the realization that her life is forever changed when the pregnancy result comes back as positive, but that topic deserves its own page, because I have quite a bit to say about that, so let me get back on track. It’s, too, easy to shift the blame and ask God ‘why me?’, because in the heat of the moment it seemed so harmless, but that’s one of the biggest lies that sin tells you, another topic I’ll write about in the future. Everything in life is a choice, even the biggest decision of all, “Heaven or Hell?”
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Aug 18, 2014