This Must Be Done Before I Die.....

this is a must for me.

.:*list of things needed for my goal*:.


one pair of gray sweatpants. (tight fitting.... not too tight though)

a couple of viagra.

glass of water (to swallow viagra)

plans will go as according, pop the viagra put on sweatpants wait however so long it takes for pills to kick in.... when im at raging hard ***** mode, i will take a slow walk around downtown st. paul, during rush hours.

woman will want me, men will salute me, children will be scared, old peoples glasses will shatter and they will possibly have a heart attack.

my will let my **** do the thinking so anyone who approaches me and my doom ***** should use caution, for they could get stabbed in the eye with said ***** and possibly die. (unless it's a hot female of course, then imma have to put myself back in control and face **** her to death.)


Doxtah Doxtah
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10 Responses Jul 12, 2010

i hope it does also notg, thanks for caring and when i do this i will be sharing details.

lmao of course i was, but im to hardcore for lube.... speaking of boning, i still didnt mention anything about holes in this story, i need to add that.

i always wanted to do this back in high school, but my target would of been my high school hahaha.

Hehe yep

with all my blood in my body rushing to my ****...... i will prolly feel faint lmao.

Sweetheart, you not gonna feel a little faint?

fat elvis mode? hahahaha, i do need to gain like 15 pounds.<br />
<br />
well that will be your mission for me after then miss lala. i'll have to keep you informed about this whenever i get bold enough to pull this stunt that is =D

I will bake lots of cake, maybe that will kill you instead, go into Fat Elvis mode or something

lala, after this mission i will need cake.... lots of cake.