Hunch Back

This story has self-destructed.
CountSpatula CountSpatula
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5 Responses Nov 5, 2010

lol. awsome cat story, i love cats, please give her a hug from me. <br />
i've had words with my cat about visiting me when i'm on the toilet. i keep telling him, " i don't bug you when you are having a cr*p do i ?" :-)

Awww... good kitty! Winter approaches, she just wants to make sure you don'e catch your death of cold plopping your *** down on that chilly seat.

Just because she has a condition, it doesn't mean that I want rid of her. <br />
I love that cat.

Yes, that would make perfect sense, only she hears me coming down the hall, darts out of the spare bedroom and into the door as I'm opening it. I really tried to be fast and quiet, but she won every time. <br />
I'm trying to master my osmosis skills, so that way I don't even have to open the door.

I think that maybe next time you use the toilet, you should shut the door. With her preferably on the other side. ;)