Some Inventions By African Americans

1. The toilet--(I'll bet that ****** the kkk and related hate groups off since they are supposed to boycott all African American products)

2. Ice Cream--There they go again!

3. The traffic light

4. The pencil sharpner

5. The fountain pen

6. Modern day fuse

7. Air brakes for buses

8. The steam engine

And so on.  This they DO NOT teach these facts in history class and they should. The book titled African American heroes and inventors is where this information can be found.  And Sears and Roebucks?  Roebucks was African American!  I surprised a few people with that bit of information I'll bet.

The first man to climb Mt Everest was an African American.  The great white hunter had frost bite and couldn't walk anymore so the slave went on ahead and came back for him and CARRIED him there and of course history just could not have an African slave listed as the first man to reach the top of the mountain. 

An African American reached the north pole first too.

And how many people have actually believed that it was  Benjamin Franklin running around in the rain with a kite and lightening everywhere trying to make electricity?  Come on.  How old was he like 78?  He had a slave holding that kite in case it got struck by lightening.  He wouldn't risk his own life.  But, history dictates that African Americans don't get their propers.  This REALLY needs to change.

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Hey, I didn't know these things. Thanks for posting this story!

I agree- and i'm OH SO HAPPY AND PROUD that you posted this! <br />
I'm willing to bet this experience won't get many comments but i'll proudly be the first. People will never admit to things we do. But they'll be more than happy to exploit us! Everything bad is always brought to light, but what about the good? Lol-these idiots are something.