I'm 144.2 lbs. My Goal: 120 lbs In 6 Weeks

I'm 5'4, 144.2 lbs (woohoo, I thought I was going to be 150-155lbs instead). I wear a US pants size 12/14.  Even though that's considered an average size for a woman, I'm no longer feel content this way. I want to be BETTER than average. I miss having a chiseled face. I miss seeing my cheekbones. I miss knowing I was thinner. I miss the male attention. And also, I miss feeling pretty---and not like a tub of lard who has "potential."

Yesterday, I bought the Nectar protein shake mix. I bought the strawberry mousse flavor. It's very good. A dietitian recommended it because of it's awesome power to fill you up (and it comes in good flavors). The dietitian described the "meal" plan on how to eat and use the drink mix. I've seen friends of friends use his method. It was VERY successful. They lost their weight, and our now each in relationships.

I want to get back into shape. While I'm on this program, I want to get back into doing aerobics and lifting weights. But with the latter, you need to eat carbs too, on a scheduled and consistent basis. I'm not sure of that yet. I'll lose the fat first, since muscle shows better with a lower fat percentage, and then I'll think of adding muscle later.
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Make sure you dont forget to start thinking you are gorgeous..!<br />
<br />
Because real journey will begin from your mind and than will get displayed on your body.<br />
So start with mind and than body shall follow.

You'll do great. Just remember that [muscle] weighs more than fat. And you can naturally lose weight without doing anything physical simply by changing your diet to yup, carbs and healthy fats, omegas, etc. <br />
I always wondered why when I was in fitness/gym classes that I'd be gaining weight. I'm 5'5"-5'6" and at the beginning of a course I'm naturally around 122lbs, by the end of 4-5months I remember being 133lbs at one point and in amazing shape. I loved it. But this was running a mile and viciously working out every single morning for 75minutes at highschool. Now that I'm graduated I have to make my own routines which is fine (those fitness CD's are crap to me). I don't like feeling weak in strength and knowing I'm out of shape. It lowers our self conscious and confidence, though it shouldn't. :P