If I Could Be A Bodysnatcher...

... I would ****** her body and live in it.
Oh and whoever says "that's photoshop and cosmetic surgery", I say: "but what if it was natural? I'd want that!".

And another one... *sigh*, perfect, I'm so jealous.

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Love the face, hair and boobs but I agree with the others that this lady has gone too far. I really believe in having something to hang onto.

That is unhealthy looking to me. Just a stick, it's like skin hanging over a stick frame. Kinda like she is a crackhead. This girl needs a couple DoubleDouble's from In-N-Out.

More likely close to an anorexic with a boob job. Look at the arms, really skinny. The girl needs to eat!

That means she at least has SOMETHING in common with me... I want to be that skinny, that waist! <3
I can't wait untill I can get away with losing another 10 - 15 lbs, just have to get the doctor off my back.
But I will never look as cute as her of course (not only because she's been heavily altered in this picture, also because : ohmygodnearperfection).

OK, if I could trade? Yeah, I would! But seriously, getting skinnier than that is asking for serious health problems.

I think you'd want to trade with any woman, even with me. :-p
But really, I don't care about health, beauty is all that matters in this world, beauty and happiness are almost synonyms to me.

Well based on Ruby's description of you, yes I would trade, But no I would not trade with any woman just to be female. I do have a few standards! lol

Good, even we females need a sense of reality. :-) Men are so confusing sometimes: we're both exclusive and disposable at the same time.
It's like the norm is "all (young) women are gorgeous, or else they're not worth the title woman", while at the same time we're treated as objects.
Ruby probably thinks I'm hot because of my mind btw, I deleted my pictures on here (privacy isn't protected well on EP), but I'm actually somewhere at the bottom of the foodchain.
Right above "morbidly obese chicks" and slightly under "women older than 45". ;-)

So believe me, maybe your situation is better (with male privilege when you put off the skirt), it's not easy being a woman in this world.

I highly respect Ruby's opinion my dear. I doubt you are what you describe yourself as, but even so, your words paint you as a beautiful soul. I've known some (men and women) that I thought were quite attractive, but after getting to know them, not so much. Male privilege? That is funny. Privileged to work yourself to death? Go to any mall, the majority of the floor space is devoted to goods for women. Women spend the majority of the money in our society. Men might make it but it's the women that spend it. That aside, for me it's the feeling of not being in tune with my male body. My mind/brain says it should be something else. It's a constant irritant, like a thorn than can never be removed. I can fake it, and have, but I don't really enjoy it most of the time. I can see the playground but I'm not allowed on it. Being male is way overrated, especially when you don't want to be one in the first place.

The "men make the money, women spend it" thing isn't something I agree with, sometimes spending money even means HAVING to spend it, wich is negative pressure.
I make my own money and don't have much to spend, you're thinking quite traditional, I don't recognise that when I look at the women in my environment.

And hmm, your situation is special in that case, I think most crossdressers identify as heterosexual men (and gay draqqueens or autogynephillics at best).
But when you don't/can't claim the heterosexual privilege, even though you could have it, that's a true exception: having male privilege, just not using it.
Or maybe you are using it (I don't know if you're in drag 24/7?) without knowing it? Opens up a lot of possibilities.
Presenting yourself as a regular heterosexual male would earn you full male privilege, while being in drag 24/7 means no privilege at all (no female privilege either, how little and reserved it even might be... female privilege is almost a curse), that's a pretty broad spectrum.
Sorry if I'm analysing you out in the open, I'm just interested... I know a thing or 2 about transsexuality because of my ex, but I think crossdressers have a fetish or obsession.
I never really thought about their/your privilege... my personal opinion about crossdressers/transvestites aside of course (I won't insult you).

Well Scar, you could read some of my experiences/stories to know more about me. Then perhaps we could continue this conversation. Fair deal?

I don't know if I'm up for that, it's so... sexual. There's where my personal opinion kicks in: I think fetishizing womanhood like a caricature is well, not cool.
What I'm interested in is the status of privilege outside of the gender binary, I'm not going to scroll through stories about how girlpanties makes someone horny or how one would idolize having breasts.
Keep that in the bedroom or in the groups I don't visit on purpose. :-)

Perhaps you might ask Ruby her opinion of me, she is also my friend, prior to passing judgement on me. Fetishizing womanhood? Interesting term, maybe I am, I don't think so. I've self analyzed myself till I'm numb over the past 40 years. I can't explain it to myself, so I don't know why I should expect someone else to understand. It was nice to meet you scar.

Likewise, just because I don't like what you do in life, doesn't mean I don't like you as a person. :-)
People who do tests on animals for a living aren't automatically mean people, but I do choose to not associate with those people, just to name an extreme example.

No hard feelings. :-)

No hard feelings scar, just a bit disappointed.

That's your problem, not mine.
We don't have to approve of everything other people do, as long as we don't hate those people or treat them badly.
Some people disapprove of the scars I collect on my body or my style of fashion for that matters.
They have all rights to their opinion, I'm sure they have their reasons for it, as long as they treat me right and are friendly: that's okay.
Too bad if you don't share this view, but again: that's your right too. :-)

I.'m good with that view its a very healthy one. I'm ok with you scar, no worries Hon.

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I guess I envy the belly but the waist/hip ratio is too severe for me.

Very attractive picture. Might be great to have someone like that in my group of friends. As a lover, a lot of other things (personality) would need to klick for me to be attracted. I see her more as a girlfriends playmate/friend. I don't get that instant primeval man woman attraction. I would need to be 17 to be interested, and she would want someone older, say 25. I just get that not going to bother, cos would not happen feeling.

This is CGI, so in detail, a technical analysis: the hair is a little too fine, the eyebrows sexy, bushy, not too plucked, natural & nice, great plus. Face: nose is too perfect. Cheeks, would be nice to see a few wrinkles under the eyes, suggesting a bit of experience in life. Imperfections that would suggest a need for a man, the man needs to feel the click in a partner, a fit like lego, a required, needed fit. Neck and shoulders nice, Arms a little skinny, lack of muscle round the elbow. Would be nice to see a sign of stubble in the arm pits. Breasts look a bit too large for the body type. Ribs look nice, waist seems too photoshopped will skip that, hips tummy button nicely turned out.

I am not really like this at all in my thinking in life, I don't take people apart, I am not picky. I don't go moving trees in the garden, life's too short. But here we are discussing an idealised, computer manipulated image.