Worst Nite Ever

when i was about 11 or 12 my gril friend called me and asked me to come over when i got over  5 girls 4 boys started playing truth or dare the girles went first my girl friend dares me to where panties a bre with sox in it her little sisters skirt an a short top with high heels and mack up go out side and run around so being a dare devel i did it i was out there for about 5 mins. to run around the whole block when i got back i was locked out with my friends (my cloth still in there and whering womans cloth they said that i had to give the the cloth in i had a hard time gitting the skirt off once i got undreest i was able to come back in but i had to stay nacked for the rest of the game

my next dare was that i had to be tied to a mattress and the girls could do what ever they want to me i said yes because i didnt think it could git anay worse but one of the other girls got a bucket of water and put my clothes in it i was wearing white pants an under wear and they put it in the freezer and said i have to wear them after the dare is over they put nail polish on my nails and **** they took a pick and posted it on myspace i had to put my clothes bakk on when i got them they were pink.

my next dare was i had to go in the bath tub that had freezing cold water with a gril we wereboth nacked they took the shower certen off and watched us have sex.
thats my story withed sucked
beastyboy292929229 beastyboy292929229
Jul 26, 2010