I feel your judgements Pearce me
like bullets entering my heart
ricocheting off my spine
Beating me ,till I give up
Breathless, defeated
I'm hopeless
I wonder if
you feel the pain
In my brain
that you give With your eyes when you slay

My heart
I think of
A more perfect time
When your eyes are fill with pride
And I'm the cause
Then I'm happy

I wonder if
My dreams
Will stop being dreams
And my realities will stop
Being nightmares
I pray that
Your love
Will never end
And your eyes
Learn to smile again

Forgetting how to
Judge me
Forgetting how to
Slay my heart

So blink away
Your heart ache
So you can open your eyes
And see
That the road that
Leads to happiness
Is the one
I lead
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22-25, F
Sep 18, 2012