Stand up and be noticed with me.

I believe that if we want we dont have to fade into the background, we can all make a stand, be noticed, be heard. Its not about attention seeking and it can be something big like animal rights to self belief to standing up to those who abused you.

Mine is for those who abused me and heres what i say.....................................

What gives them the right to invade my body, my space, my world?
Do they honestly think they are greater than me?
Who are they to take my identity and try and crush me?
Why should i stay quiet and not be heard?

You who abused me are NOTHING, your SELFISH and WEAK. You have no moral standing and you are PATHETIC. You will never take my soul and will never fade into the background and not be heard for i am me, more greater and powerful than you because i have the ability and strength to overcome you!

Stand with me fellow abusers, make a stand and be heard. Dont ever give up or loose sight that you are worth so much more than your abuser ever will in their life.

You are precious, you are victim, its not your fault, do stand for it.

Show them your strength and seek peace.

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Jul 11, 2010