Have To Do A Project And In May Have To Present It In Class!*theme Park*

good is i have time to do it n its a good subject.....bad is i dont want to think i have to present it

I have to choose a theme park

i have some question on the notes :

  • when it was established n by who

  • describe operational side

  • by which company its owned and managed

  • which visitor/markets does it attract

  • does it include accomodation

  • describe theme park

  • what facilities does it provide to the visitors

  • give examples rides that it provides with pictures n info on them


  1. title

  2. intro:present the outline,briefly describe areas that u are going to talk bout

  3. presentation of research:present info that is relevant to ur chosen theme park by refering to the specific questions

  4. conclusion n open questions on all research presented (idk what that means )


ok.....i have to choose a theme park first....

but which one...

i found:

*the magic kingdom,Orlando


*Universal Studios,Orlando

*Sea world,San diego

*Busch Gardens Tampa Bay,Tampa

(....maybe i should ask which one ppl think is best?)

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heh that sounds fun:P

I took my three oldest children to Disneyworld when they were little....It was a nightmare.. the youngest was convinced that the Pirates were really trying to kill us and she had hysterics...the middle one--my oldest son--got lost---and my darling oldest daughter suggested that we just leave him at the lost and found - until we were done exploring the place lol.....You couldn't pay me to ever go to another theme park---never never never :)

thanks wall.im still between disneyland and sea world.heh..

Spawned here means paved way for, (like made the idea popular). I'm for disneyland too. Hehe. And What u mentioned in the post means<br />
You'll have to answer any questions anyone asks about anything in the presentation after it is over.<br />
Good Luck. :)

what does ''Spawned'' means?...

Disneyland! The first very large theme park with lots of information about it. Spawned numerous other theme parks throughout the world.

decision for which theme park will take more time than what i thought...if i concentrate too..

heh..=/<br />
im thinkin disneyland..or seaworld.. disneyland seemed so magical on tv-remember i told u ''jon&kate plus 8''they went there..and seaworld i saw pictures on google,dolphins...<br />

eh ok..

idk bout it..is it a theme park?

yeah is better i think....<br />
:)<br />
many hugs*

maybe i should send the fairies disguised as me and do the presentation..<br />
<br />
i searched pictures for sea world and saw dolphins.is beautiful..

I'll get back on the conclusion but I think open questions are questions you throw out to the audience, targeting their opinion. So there are no fixed answers - that's why it's called open questions.<br />
<br />
Sea World on San Diego sounds good. Perhaps they have dolphins? :)