Today started out great with my soldier but did not end the way that I would of liked it too. Dont get me wrong, I love my soldier but I just need to vent right now.
The guys in his unit have been on break from training and classes since Veterans Day but they start back up tomorrow. That means that tonight is his last free night. Because during training and classes he doesnt really have all that much time to talk to me. He wakes up, cleans, eats, goes to classes and training, eats again, then sleeps. There isnt much room for me in there and I understand that and I try so hard to be supportive for him because I know that he needs it. But he always says he will call at certain times and things like that and never really does. I end up having to be the one to get ahold of him...Like tonight, he said he would call me back when him and his room mates got back into their room and it shouldnt take very long but I still have yet to hear from him and he will not answer my phone calls or text messages!!! Sometimes it makes me feel like he really doesnt care and Im not sure what to do or how to tell him that. I have tried but I dont want to add other stress to his life or make him feel bad. I just wana be important too..
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I am glad things are going well for you now since you have gotten back together. But that story is far from how jeff and i are. He isnt quite so inconsiderate. I pretty much always know what he is doing thank God :) I hope yall continue doing well

My soldier does the same thing to me. And at first we'd try to talk throughout the week but we're both busy as hell. He has class and training and etc and I have classes all day then get loaded with homework and tests I need to study for plus practices and games so we decided to save the talking for the weekends and talk very seldom throughout the week. well he does the same your soldier does. I've talked to other girls and their soldiers do the same thing. It makes me mad. After the first month of AIT my soldier started blowing me off a lot for his buddies, one time we were skyping and he said he'd be right back and after 40 minutes of staring at a blank screen I texted him and here he and his buddies went out. I was furious. he could have at least told me..that's when our relationship started falling apart. but since we've been back together it hasn't been too bad, we're both trying our best to be there for each other and to put the other first. like my soldier told me that once he's done for the day and gets back to his room the first thing he does is throw his bag down and check his phone to see if I sent him a text because it makes his day better. (I guess his roommates joke around about it) but at times it's like I'm only good enough when he needs me.

A-freakin-men!!! My man does the exact same thing!!!! It is so freaking aggravating!!!! It's like all we do is put them first and support them (not that I'm complainging or anything, anything but!) and we always get pushed aside....I wish..just for one day....we could come first...