Faithfully Waiting

Too many nights I've laid alone,

Wondering when my love will come home,

We're spending our time with oceans apart,

While carrying with you a piece of my heart,

I'm left so empty inside, yet so full of love,

I have so much to be proud of,

You're remaining brave and taking a stand,

While marching strong and being a man,

Making sure not to let your Countrymen down,

Fake that smile and hide that frown,

Keep happy they tell you, when you call home,

Putting on fronts to hide that you're scared and alone,

I see straight through those eyes filled with fears,

I need no proof, not words nor tears,

The love between us is all I need,

No words of comfort just “God speed”,

So many fall and lose their way,

I trust in God, look to heaven and pray,

You'll be home soon so safe and sound,

Ill stand by your side for what I have found,

No amount of distance could change my heart,

No stretch of time could pull us apart,

Stand tall my love till your time is through,

I will be there ready, still waiting for you.

I Love You Always

By: Ashley Yates
yatesashley92 yatesashley92
22-25, F
11 Responses Jul 28, 2011

<3 this

That was beautiful!

I really love this poem! I can relate in every single word.. I really miss my hubby... he's in deployment right now... too bad, can't do anything about it :'(

This poem is amazing. It brought tears to my eyes. <3

I love it! Thanks for sharing your poem!

this poem was beautiful! loved it!

This is beautiful, thank you for sharing.

beautiful. empowering. thank you!

i love it stay strong... I will be praying for us Army Girlfriends, Fiances, and Wives.....We have to be strong for them and ourselves....

i love it. stay strong

Love it :)