Stayin' Faithful To Him.

He's so worried I'm gonna cheat or break up with him... And I just couldn't do that. We goof around that when he gets home, there's a spot in my bed with his name on it and no one else's and to me it's true. He left me today. I miss him already. People say that my relationship now is a stupid long distance relationship that has no proof we're dating except my word over someone else's. That hurts. My relationship is a damn good one and it's going to get stronger with me staying faithful to him while he's gone.

I hate people who say that stuff about ANY military relationship. At least we have the balls (sorry for anyone who doesn't use that reference and find it offensive...) to be in a relationship with a military man or woman.
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2 Responses Nov 1, 2011

my bf was the same way!! i basically wrote in every letter that i sent him that i was stayign faithful!! just reassure him every time you can!!! im here if ya ever wanna talk!! i see were the same age so id love to chat :)<br />
stay strong!!!<br />

Aw thanks :) That's means a lot! I most definitely will :) I will when I get my letter haha. Thank you, though! It's for sure a working progress through all of this.

My husband was the exact same way..we have been together for a while but just got married in january..he deploys in may and has already said something about being faithful..he said people get divorces left and right over deployments..but i know some other girls on here have had that problem with their men talking about being faithful to them..i honestly think its just a reassurance thing for least it is for my husband anyways..but you have a great attitude about it, and im sure your relationship will only get stronger:)

Oh we've said it a few times that our relationship will be so much stronger when he gets back :) And he's already told me that right when I can he's going to marry me and everything and through this whole experience it's already getting strong. I'm very excited to get him back to me soon haha.

I hope you and your husband are doing well :) I don't really understand the deployment yet with him just going to basic, but I'll be here for you to talk if you'd like! :)