I just realised I have been living only for the sake of meeting my mom's expectations and demands on me. And the more she pushes me to 'do the right things', the more stressed I feel and the more I fail at her tasks. She doesn't do it by being physically or verbally aggressive, but beneath her placid demeanor is a very unrelenting and aggressive spirit who will never stop pushing you in her desired direction, regardless of whether or not you need a break, she will say, in a calm-sounding tone with forceful words 'but don't rest now. go on, don't stop, work harder to reach that goal which isn't that far away' when said goal is ACTUALLY still very far away, I need a break, and it's HER Goal, not my goal in the first place. I'm done with this manipulation from my mom and from now on i will set out to achieve my own goals at MY OWN PACE, not HER GOALS AT HER PACE anymore.
Tomtarin Tomtarin
Aug 24, 2014