How To Lose, Then Find Yourself.

Next year I'll be going to the University of Windsor to major in Social Work and Women's studies, finally pursuing my dream of working for Children's Aid in the near future. But this time last year, I was skipping almost every day of school and shutting out every important person in my life. I simply wasn't myself.

Doesn't it always start with a bad relationship? Before it I had never been in a serious one and I can say that I was a true newbie. I like to describe it as exciting but moreso obsessive and idiotic. By the time I realized the hot-mess I had gotten myself into, I had lost nearly all of my closest friends, the trust of my family, and any dignity or self-respect that I ever had for myself.

My victory lap year of high school meant a lot of things to me. It meant closing the final chapters of a major point in my life, but more than anything it was a chance to redeem myself, to prove that the "real" me was still there.

I'm extremely happy to say that through determination and of course, passion, I was able to get my act together not only for myself, but also for the beautiful people in my life who harboured enough love and understanding to accept my apology after all this time. On a happier note, my last year of high school was everything I dreamed it would be: I was chosen as the MVP for our senior girls' volleyball team, I earned (through sweat, blood, and lots and lots of tears) a 92% average, and most importantly I saw the pure joy and happiness on my parents' faces at graduation.

This year, I fought, and I was passionate, and I cared.
I was me again.
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Thank you so much Quintesse! I just hope it brings faith and encouragement to others who are in similar situations. All I know is that the fight was so worth it <3.