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I Will Succeed Despite Seemingly Insurmountable Obstacles

Despite my obstacles, I will succeed. I was born with Attention Deficit Disorder. This makes it difficult for me to concentrate and listen. I struggle with this in my life, and been sent to special education classes. Attention Deficit Disorder forced me to take special speech classes in primary, and secondary school. By the time high school came, I seeked therphay. I gained more communicative and listening skills. I have challenges, but it won't stop me from succeeding in academics and life.

dave0903 dave0903 18-21, M 2 Responses Jan 25, 2010

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adhd , think my dog had adhd when ever i came home she would go mental, i found giving her attention reduced the deficit and she appeared to be normal, so i worked this out , if i dont put the money in the bank my accounts dont work very well , pay them a lttle of the right attention and bam,everything works, so i tried the same thing with my kids when they were born, and being carefull not to go into deficet in the attention budjet i cut my freinds off even family and got the attention budjet into surplus, this earnt interest which helped me save even more , then i relized that i enjoyed investing my attention into being a good dad, this surplus in the attention budjet saved heaps of hassels , in recommend trying it

I don't know exactly what does Attention Deficit Disorder mean. I have struggled all through my life as well. And, right now I feel failed in life.<br />
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Thanks for whatever you have written. I will fight too. I wanted to become a police officer myself. But, didn't know that sometimes for no reason life doesn't give you what you desire the most.<br />
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I know there were too many obstacles. My problem was that I was just too giving and never kept anything for myself. Anyways, I would fight once again for whatever is achievable now.<br />
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Good luck to you!! You should write your story some day. It would be very inspiring for others. :-)